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Hand Gel Dispenser

With COVID-19 Protective effects


  • Safe and Robust: The Footcol hand gel dispenser is foot operated and helps you to protect both customers and staff.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple and efficient 3.5 litre bulk re-fill of the hydro-alcoholic solution, means less plastic waste.
  • Vandalism Resistant: A sturdy lock on the dispenser prevents unauthorised access to the bottle.
  • Sustainable Material: Made in stainless steel.
  • Economic Control: Adjustable dispensing quantity.
  • Intensively Tested: For use in shops, offices, hotels etc.


Protective Screens and Fittings

With COVID-19 Protective effects

Windsor Glass have researched and can now offer an initial range of Protective Screening Products.
As we return to the workplace, simple, low cost yet effective shielding products need to be sourced and fitted easily and quickly.
Windsor Glass’ experience and production facilities are key to this important provision; keeping your staff, customers and suppliers safe.

Windsor Glass can provide screen fitting equipment for installing Glass, Plexiglass or Acrylic protective panels.
Both free-standing, wall and desk mounted options are available.
NB we can also supply the panels cut-to-size.

To discuss your particular application, please contact Barry Preedy on:
barry@windsorglass.com or call 07738 947232



Shower Profiles

More flexibility to shower installers

To enable more flexibility to shower installers Assa Abloy Glass Solutions have a complementary range of corner profiles, support bars and installation channels that when combined with their shower hinges gives a complete finish.

Shower Profiles

Internal Door Fittings

the complete package for any internal door project

Assa Abloy Glass Solution fittings can supply the , complete package for any internal door project, from locksets with free swing hinges, floor closers or sliding doors. Combined with all the relevant accessories to complete all glass related projects



Extra-clear Structured Glass

An extra-clear structured glass crafted from exceptionally clear low-iron glass. The smooth flowing vertical pattern
evokes the image of clear flowing streams of water.

While its unmatched clarity beautifully complements any room, RIVULETTA® extra-clear structured glass creates a distinctive effect as light dances from flute to flute



Anti-reflective Glass

A glass that features an anti-reflective coating for clear and unrestricted viewing both during the day and at night.

Its durable high-tech coating is available on either one or both sides and offers the highest possible flexibility during processing.

AMIRAN® thermally toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass reduces reflections to 1% and allows for up to 98% of the light to pass through unhindered.


Glass Light Bench

Using GLASS LIGHT to create Outside Lighting

Using Windsor Glass’s GLASS-LIGHT Innovation to create outside Lighting

The product can be used outside due to the special glass panel which gives a glow across the whole GLASS-LIGHT panel. The
light can be used to light up, light down or both. The glass panel is laminated so it is designed to be robust and safe in use.

Created as a standard product GLASS-LIGHT BENCH can be made to bespoke sizes if required

GLASS-LIGHT is not limited to benches, tables and garden features can be created whether for external or interior use.


Heavy Duty Door Hinges

Enable areas to be even more transparent with the use of less fittings

Glass doors of even larger dimensions can now be installed on a pair of door hinges. One pair of hinges can take up to 70kg with a maximum width of 1200mm. This enables areas to be even more transparent with the use of less fittings and giving larger access areas

Heavy Duty Door Hinges