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Rowsind Crystals

Bespoke Crystal Products

By using crystals and different types of glass, Windsor Glass are able to manufacture a wide range of products for a large range of interior decoration applications.

The crystals sparkle and shimmer adding a different dimension to a mirror, wall panelling or to a shower screen. We can also by using LED, light the crystals to give another dimension at night.

All of the products are unique so working with our clients we are able to create bespoke solutions to enable them to realise their vision, and by using Rowsind Crystals the design possibilities are endless.


Marbre de Verre

Hand Decorated Backlit Glass

MARBRE de VERRE is a new decorative back lit product designed by Windsor Glass. Using hand decorated glass sheets which are available in 6 different standard colours, we have combined this with our lighting sheet to create a totally unique product.

MARBRE de VERRE is not just a decorative product but turns glass in a work of art. The coloured glass can be clear, or etched to the face to give a satin finish. We can combine this with different light temperatures of LED and with the ability to be able to dim the panel.

MARBRE de VERRE can be used as a decorative screen, wall covering, bar front or even in backs of showers.



Extra-clear Structured Glass

An extra-clear structured glass crafted from exceptionally clear low-iron glass. The smooth flowing vertical pattern
evokes the image of clear flowing streams of water.

While its unmatched clarity beautifully complements any room, RIVULETTA® extra-clear structured glass creates a distinctive effect as light dances from flute to flute



Anti-reflective Glass

A glass that features an anti-reflective coating for clear and unrestricted viewing both during the day and at night.

Its durable high-tech coating is available on either one or both sides and offers the highest possible flexibility during processing.

AMIRAN® thermally toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass reduces reflections to 1% and allows for up to 98% of the light to pass through unhindered.


Glass Light Bench

Using GLASS LIGHT to create Outside Lighting

Using Windsor Glass’s GLASS-LIGHT Innovation to create outside Lighting

The product can be used outside due to the special glass panel which gives a glow across the whole GLASS-LIGHT panel. The
light can be used to light up, light down or both. The glass panel is laminated so it is designed to be robust and safe in use.

Created as a standard product GLASS-LIGHT BENCH can be made to bespoke sizes if required

GLASS-LIGHT is not limited to benches, tables and garden features can be created whether for external or interior use.


Glass Light

Two Technologies - One Unique Product

By combining a patented LED light sheet with a laminated glass with a special light diffusing interlayer, we are able to supply a product that gives and even light distribution over the panel, creating a feature light or decorative panel


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